Poor Quality Videos Can Screw Up Your Company Image

You want to stay ahead of the competition for sure and releasing company videos is one way to do it. However, do you realize that producing rushed, poor quality videos is doing your business more harm than good?

Poor Quality Videos Can Screw Up Your Company Image

There are lots of reasons why businesses are utilizing videos to entice their target market. Not only do these attract and engage the audience with their brand, but videos are also found to boost sales. Because of this, you may want to jump into the trend to partake in this sales pie.

camera positioning

Here are some of the reasons why videos are in-demand lately:

Social media videos are more engaging and cost-effective

With people’s attention span decreasing over the years, it takes a matter of seconds for your audience to ignore your social media post. In fact, a lot of people have no time to read text posts.


This makes social media videos a perfect tool to grab the attention of your existing and target markets. Sharing behavior is also more positive with videos.

Aside from this, producing short videos are more cost-effective than any other marketing strategies such as ads (online and print), telemarketing, etc.

Web videos keep your brand competitive

Are you even aware that YouTube has become the second largest search engine next to Google? As a matter of fact, a huge percentage of the world’s population use the platform to search for goods or services? Why because YouTube gives the customers the visuals. Search results may even yield customer reviews of the products or services they are looking for, which affects their buying behavior. This explains why your competitors have their own YouTube channel that they regularly update.


Amateur Videos Vs Professional Videos

Now, you might say that it is okay to produce a so-so video just to have regular content for your social media pages/channels.

Sorry to say but this is not the case. Customers are now very tech savvy and they can spot right away poor quality videos consciously and subconsciously. In fact, they even attribute low quality videos with a poor quality company.

Whereas, professional videos create a good impression for a brand. Which reception do you choose?

Marketing and Branding Videos that Generate Results

Surely, no business wants to risk their brand. However, there are a lot of factors that lead to having marketing and branding videos that generates good to excellent results. Some of these include technical skills, creativity, business knowledge, and experience.

Technical skills involve years of experience working with lighting, editing, camera positioning, directing, graphics, special effects, and a whole lot more.

Now, without all the factors mentioned above, the results could be sub-par or unprofessional. Either of these two is risky. Remember, your videos are representing your brand.

Situations that Lead you to Sacrifice your Company’s Image with Poor Quality Videos

Before you even think about cutting corners, weigh the cons first. Here are some instances you may end up sacrificing your brand through the use of poor quality videos:


So, you have a pricey DSLR camera or an HD camera in your latest smart phone, and you know of a simple video editing program. Do you think it is better to create your own videos to save money? The answer is a resounding no! Let me ask you a few questions here. Do you know anything about lighting? How about angles? Music selection perhaps? You see, there are a lot of other factors that come with producing your own videos. Unless you have the years of profound experience, you are doomed to fail.

Hiring inexperienced video editors

You’ve seen a friend does their own videos for their blog or YouTube channel. Maybe you know someone who does video shooting and editing part-time. Is it practical to hire these people? Again, it all boils down to experience. How sure are you that they have the necessary experience to produce business videos? Remember, personal videos are very different from business videos.

Camera Lighting and Directing

Choosing low price over quality

Most of the time, the saying “you get what you pay for” applies to everything including video production. Wanting to save money by hiring cheap video editors is not a smart investment. Your videos speak for your brand, and you don’t want poor quality to be synonymous with your business, right?

Protect your Company Image by Choosing High Quality Videos All the Time

The integrity of your company is always at stake whatever type of marketing you do. So, it is better to be careful and wise in choosing where to spend your time and money on. High quality videos are awesome tools when done right. It is but smart to invest in a professional video producer. Besides, you get to re-purpose your video content time and time again, making professionally-shoot videos a worthwhile investment.