Where Ideas Flow Freely

They say painters need constant inspiration to not end up being burned out. I totally agree! That is why I got myself a place with a breath-taking view, splashed it with my creative magic, and made it my home. This is how Klimt Painting was born – my exclusive nook where ideas flow freely and where inspiration is everywhere. I don’t’ have to go looking for my muse somewhere far because she’s constantly hanging around in here.

Painters can be a bit of a weirdo, don’t we? (Chuckles). But before I scare you and make you believe like I am out of my mind, let me tell you briefly about myself.

My name is Klimt and I’ve been painting for about 5 years now. After spending 4-5 hours a day for a living, I make sure that I give my blog 2-3 hours of my time daily. This is like the recreational side of my life. You won’t find something in here that I totally don’t agree with just because I got paid for it. That’s my personal brand’s promise. I do product reviews, tell my occasional travel stories, and share my wisdom on current events and more. When ideas hit me, my first instinct is to put them in words and publish it here. This is my own little space in the cyber world that allows me to express my thoughts on different things.

When I am not painting or blogging, chances are you’ll find me reading a novel or simply staring at the beach view right at my balcony, contemplating how life has been so good to me regardless of the inevitable ups and downs. This is the vibe that this blog wants to exude – positivity!

Enough of my talking. I do hope you’ll find this blog your peaceful virtual sanctuary too.